Messages of hope from some of our clients

“My life has turned around thanks to counseling from Journey. I am back on a positive track!”
South Kingston, RI

“I did not know I could be this happy until I came to Journey! Richard helped me see that I am free to live as a whole person, without feeling less than those around me. I am no longer ashamed of my past or afraid to own it as a real part of my life. Thanks to Journey, I now live with a new measure of confidence, security, and joy that I have never before experienced! Journey showed me that I am worth more than my past mistakes, and that it’s okay to accept love from others and be a friend to myself. I strongly believe Richard really cares about me: he listened to me and asked the right questions so I could see the lies I believed about myself and the world, and then he helped me form new and healthy insights to replace them, all the while respecting my uniqueness. Thanks to Journey, I have both the joy and simplicity I had as a child and the knowledge and experience I have as an adult. I walked in wounded and confused, and with in a few months, I learned how to live fully as a mature person and even how to turn my challenges into strengths. Despair and self-hatred are no longer in my emotional vocabulary!”

Thank you!