Catholic Christian Counseling

What Is Catholic Christian Therapy?

catholic christian counselor

The Catholic Christian Counseling service provides faith-based counseling for those clients who would like prayer and Biblical principles to be a part of their treatment. Our Catholic Christian counseling service is guided by God’s love.

Catholics and Christians have always sought to minister to the needs of their communities by providing for physical needs as well as spiritual needs. We offer this counseling service to serve those in emotional and spiritual need, using the most effective therapy methods possible.


What Types of Therapy Do You Use To Help Catholics and Christians?

At Journey, LLC, we work in helping you develop a unique strategy that empowers you in managing life’s daily challenges. We use evidence based therapies such as cognitive behavioral and emotion focused interventions while integrating aspects of Catholic and Christian faith-based spirituality. We value and incorporate your relationship with Jesus Christ as an integral part of the healing process in all treatments.

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Catholic Christian Counseling South Kingstown

Journey, LLC offers Catholic Christian Counseling South Kingstown RI