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Surviving the Holidays


The holidays are approaching.  Although they can be a time for joy, the holidays can also bring additional stressors with increased financial, job and family responsibilities, that adds to an overall sense of anxiousness and overwhelmingness.  The holidays can also bring about a time of sadness, due to the memories of times gone by with family members and significant others whom we no longer have with us.

Take Care of Yourself to Better Help Others

It is important that when we develop chronic feelings of anxiousness, sadness, anger, frustration, and loneliness, that we take care of ourselves, so that we can be at our very best for ourselves and for others.  For parents, there is no greater responsibility than being a positive role model for our children, while creating good and lasting memories.  For others, it is in being present to each other through a shared sense of meaning in the spirit of peace and joy.


Tips to Manage Holiday Stress

Some of the things we can do may be in finding time for a walk, exercise, time for a massage, a pedicure, or taking the time for a fun-filled weekend with our spouse or family such as a play, musical, concert, dinner, or weekend get-away.  Taking time daily for possible meditation and prayer during the week can also be a source of renewal.  Getting some therapy may also help in addressing and developing possible strategies and solutions to difficult situations and people while increasing our ability to be peaceful and present for others.


The Danger In Doing Nothing

When we don’t take time for renewal and find time for fun, we can easily become chronically stressed, which can manifest in chronic feelings of anger, contempt, and detachment.  Caring for ourselves gives us the opportunity to recharge and heal, so that we are able to bring greater peace and joy to others.  To be at our best, so that we can truly appreciate all the blessings God has blessed us with and to be open to receive all the graces God wishes to bless us with this holiday season.


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How To Beat The Holiday Blues

Managing the Challenges of the Holidays


The holidays can be a fun, and exciting time, filled with happy memories. But, for many people, it can also be a time of sadness, bad memories, and regrets. As a therapist, I see many people, before, during and after the holiday season who are struggling, despite feeling like they should feel happy. I have written this article to help those who struggle during the holidays based on what me and my clients have found have helped them get through the holidays and into the new year.

8 Things To Do This Holiday Season

  1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up: for previous failings during the holidays. Each year is a new opportunity to do better and make things right
  2. Be Thankful for the Good Things: don’t dwell on the negatives-it doesn’t help- but only makes you feel worse
  3. Reach Out: set up time to meet with any family or friends with whom your enjoy spending time
  4. Avoid Problematic People Or Situations You Know Will Set You Off: the holidays is not always the best time to mend fences as feelings and memories may impact your ability to make gains. At the same time, it may be a good time to do this if you assess you can handle this and that the other person is receptive
  5. Give Back: helping others less fortunate than you not only makes others feel good but helps the giver
  6. Stay Active: given the fact that most people eat more than they should and exercise less, it is important to make the time to go for walks, go to the gym, do yoga, bike, or any other activity you find helps you feel better
  7. Take Time To Connect to God or Spirituality: If you find sustenance in connecting with a higher power use this time to connect
  8. Get Help: If you are feeling depressed, use some time off to get some support. Nobody needs to suffer alone, and many people report that therapy is effective in helping them feel better

If you’d like help figuring all this out or just want some support before, or after the holiday- give me call to set up a time to get together.



Summary: article  on How To Beat The Holiday Blues by Richard Beaupre